is a service provided by the iWeb Technologies Inc.

On 3/7/2008 they had a page at
which said:

"At iWeb, we always give you the possibility to use anonymous DNS servers free of charge. These server names don't reveal that your web hosting provider is iWeb."

That page is now gone, but they do have "Anonymous DNS Servers" listed as a feature they offer their customers. It has an infopopup which reads:

"iWeb offers private DNS server names that do not identify your site as being hosted by iWeb but rather hosted by a private dns service. It is useful for resellers or if you do not want a whois request to reveal you are hosted at iWeb."

Maybe there is a benefit to the reseller, but there's also a need for a certain level of accountability on the internet. has an listing:

$ whois -h (for (for (for (for (for

There are other references to "" in their blogs.(archived).

And there's this forum post: AOL and other companies reject mail from privatedns