Domain Registry of America.

Their pattern of illegal behavior continues.

 The Domain Registry of America (aka DRoA,, Brandon Gray Internet Services, Domain Renewal Group, et. al.) is violating a United States Postal Service Prohibitory Order.


04/18/2006. Having received one of their mailings to an address they scraped from whois records, I applied for a Prohibitory Order using United States Postal Service Form 1500, (.pdf)

05/19/2006. USPS issued Prohibitory Order number 001142739-ARW against the DRoA. (1)(2)

05/09/2007 I received mail in violation of that order, and reported the violation to the USPS. (1)

03/15/2008 Second violation of the prohibitory order. Reported it to the USPS.(1) (2)

04/15/2008 USPS responds. Issues Complaint against the DRoA. (1) (2)

05/13/2008 Third Violation of the prohibitory order. Reported it to the USPS.(1)(2)

The DRoA isn't new to this type of behavior. As early as 2003 they were the subject of an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC found that they misled consumers, failed to disclose fees, and violated the Truth in Lending Act. You can read more about that FTC complaint and final judgment here. The judgement is signed by Daniel Klemann,
President, Domain Registry of America, Inc. He appears to be the same guy who's in trouble with the Canadian Government for deceptive trade practices. Toronto man sentenced in Bogus Invoice Scam

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Update Feb, 2009. I've heard they've morphed again. This time using:

 Domain Renewal Group
2316 Delaware Ave #266,
Buffalo, NY 23216-2687

Update July, 2014!
Domain Registry of America Suspended By ICANN